Now that the San Francisco gathering hoopla is over (and absolutely NO procrastination on my part) I want to announce that LoveBugFans will be having an auction to raise money for JDRF. On the 27th I will be participating in a walk for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. In the past members have offered up items for "auction" with the sale going to sponsor me for the walk. If anyone has anything to offer I would greatly appreciate it!

For newer members that may not be aware, my 12 year old son is Type1 Diabetic and was diagnosed at the age of 2-1/2. We have participated in walks for the American Diabetes Association before and this year decided to do the one for JDRF out of convenience. Both are great organizations.

I had to create a new team and was having trouble with a name. Bryce no longer wanted his name to be part of the team name. He didn't want our family name to be part of it. I told him LBF would probably do an auction to raise money for it so I ended up using LoveBugFans as the team name. I hope that's OK with everyone. I will do my best to be a good representative for the "club". When we raised money before I used the logo on a shirt I wore for the walk and will probably do the same as a shout out to all that donate.

This is the team page, and this is my personal page.
  1. One party offers an item as a new post within this forum.
  2. Members can reply with their bids. 
  3. The highest bid 5 days from the original post wins the item.
  4. Winner donates to my page the amount of winning bid.
  5. I tell the "seller" that item has been paid for so they can ship to winner.

If you're not against me, don't cross this line! If yes, do.
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