At last, I now have an old VW Beetle that is going to be my Herbie replica, Thanks to DrLuv. It will be possibly more than a few years before it's a Herbie, but I have waited this long, I can wait again. This will be my project.

Here are the pictures in order, from before I got it to when I received it (I don't mind reposting these pics again).

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cc8dd317fa01476f9509725b8ee77369_r.jpg b0f9d218c3704989aeba70e7cf80c6dd_r.jpg 04408c2fe15d46e8b3ea3bd7266ea4ac_r.jpg

c0ff726d200a427a98f5dfc4cf2c7729_r.jpg b44f1875905e4e9b8cef9c2aa96f4290_r.jpg f67dd1bd9b6c4b2eae340ae7549a126a_r.jpg

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dfedb8d433df48f79f225ff17b1e8682_r.jpg c3eca30fc447446483f6e2e9baf23a8b_r.jpg efd00d5b9e38467e9c8ac7c91e989aa3_r.jpg

And the day when it arrived...

c0256f8a87f148ab9f025f5dee08daa9_r.jpg 8e43a3890c1f4a248c31d25b54056b5c_r.jpg 9fd03487e43b43ac949da43ee5aa8495_r.jpg

0b0822f223a347a1beae1f6f61bb0a52_r.jpg 29e76207e68047a386e85fe3d06f65d6_r.jpg 8b3e03230b214e8c9cea3cc5441e89cc_r.jpg

ce657fd573214a8bb358a45f7c565d60_r.jpg b462a8105b8f43e79ec639a52cadc1c3_r.png 9a990b7a2ae641c7a16c839c83e17223_r.png

4e2f1c2748284586889074f2712fea04_r.png a26912068ff344e6be72fcf103d577ef_r.jpg af38f01bc94345b5a4e95b6cbf16a6c7_r.jpg

1d8a033ec50345628d6975eff2242f30_r.jpg 5d9e4aa4e49c434cb38e5dd76408a188_r.jpg 8f42456266e84f399ca7f2a3d909a27d_r.jpg

Now, where is my bug? It's at VW Restorations being worked on for it to pass the safety inspection & road test so that it will be road worthy. The things that need work on are the headlights, signals (flashers), knob on manual gear shift, and this gear that is broken off the steering wheel and the drivers window needs to be repaired (the mechanism to roll up the window is busted, but it can be fixed. The engine has been taken out of the bug because the fuel (or is it the oil) filter had to be removed to somewhere else in the engine because it would cause a fire (that's what happened to one of the members on this board, it was a later 60's Herbie replica, a few years back I remember, I won't mention who), and now I am told that it needs a matching cylinder to match either one of the two. It also needs proper tires & wheels.

DrLuv advised me to get the sunroof installed first before I paint it. Luckily, for a factory sunroof appearance, I understand that it can be simply molded from the bottom inside the roof. I will have that done. That info came from Sliding sunroofs website. Check to see where it says sunroofs for VW Beetle on the front page. It may look slightly different, but very near! I was told to check with Speedy Auto Glass or another business like it.

When it comes to painting, my dad has a friend whose friend restores cars, he does metal body work & painting included, one of his friends cars cost him $2600. , and he did a SUPER job! My bug unfortunately does have some rust, but only minor & it's just surface underneath and in behind the fenders and may have 3 holes developing, but this can all be fixed at a less expensive price.

There will be more on my bug later.

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